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 strictly prohibited

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PostSubject: strictly prohibited   Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:49 pm

In Division I & III NCAA hockey, the fighters are given a Game Disqualification, which is an ejection from the game and a suspension for as many games as the player has accrued Game Disqualifications during the course of a season.

For example, if a player engages in a fight having already received a Game Disqualification earlier in the season, he is ejected from that game and suspended for his team's next two games. This automatic suspension has made fighting in college hockey relatively rare.

Fighting is strictly prohibited in Olympic ice hockey[16] and in European professional hockey leagues.[17] The international rules (by IIHF) specify in the rule 528 – Fisticuffs or Roughing[18] the following penalties (among others):

Match penalty (the player is ejected from the game and another player serves 5 minutes in addition to any other penalties imposed in the penalty box) for a player who starts fisticuffs.
Minor penalty (2 minutes) for a player who retaliates with a blow or attempted blow.
Game misconduct penalty (ejection from the game) in addition to any other penalties for any player who is the first to intervene in a fight which is already in progress.
Double minor penalty (4 minutes), major penalty + game misconduct penalty (5 minutes and ejection from the game), or match penalty (at the discretion of the referee) for a player who continues the fighting after being told by officials to stop.
Misconduct penalty (10 minutes; second misconduct penalty in one game means automatic ejection) for a player who intentionally takes off his gloves in a fight.

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strictly prohibited
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