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 ater decades became synonymous

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PostSubject: ater decades became synonymous   Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:31 am

The NHL grew to six teams in 1924, adding a second team in Montreal, the Maroons,[45] and the first American team, the Boston Bruins.[46] The Bruins were purchased by Charles Adams, a grocery store financier who first developed an interest in hockey during the Stanley Cup playoffs, paying $15,000 for the team.[46] The Maroons were created to replace the Wanderers and to appeal to the English population of Montreal.[45] The first NHL game played in the United States was a 2–1 Bruins victory over the Maroons at the Boston Arena on December 1, 1924.[47]

The Montreal Forum, which in later decades became synonymous with the Canadiens, was built in 1924 to house the Maroons.[45] The Canadiens did not move into the Forum until two years later. The Forum hosted its first Stanley Cup final in its second year, as the Maroons defeated the WCHL's Victoria Cougars in the 1926 Stanley Cup Finals, the last time a non-NHL team competed for the Cup.[48]

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ater decades became synonymous
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