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 town had doubled as that

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PostSubject: town had doubled as that   Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:53 am

Originally, Luton Town used the town's crest as its own in a manner similar to many other teams of the time; all but one of the badges in Luton Town's history have included the town crest.[16] The club did not adopt its own crest until 1973, concurrently with its switch to the orange kit, when a new badge was adopted featuring the club's new colours. The new emblem depicted a stylised orange football, bearing the letters "Lt", surrounded by the club's name in navy blue text.[16] The change was significant, as it was the first time the club had attempted to establish its own independent identity – previously, the identity of the town had doubled as that of the club.[16] In 1987 the club switched back to a derivative of the town emblem, with the shield portion of the heraldic crest becoming the team's badge; the only similarity with the previous design was the inclusion of the club name around the shield in navy blue.[16] The "rainbow" badge, introduced in 1994, featured the town crest below an orange and blue bow which curved around to meet two footballs, positioned on either side of the shield. The design was completed by a continuation of the orange and blue lines below the shield, with the club name across them in white.[16] This badge was used until 2005, when a replacement very similar to the 1987 version was adopted, featuring black text rather than blue and a straw boater in place of the outstretched arm depicted in the older design. The club's founding year, 1885, was added in 2008 to complete the design.[16] The badge was altered once more a year later, as a more traditional look was settled upon for the 2009–10 season.[62]

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town had doubled as that
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