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 The Dawn of the New Age

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PostSubject: The Dawn of the New Age   Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:04 am

A two-week, eight-city, 500-person tour, called "Soul Rush", was organized to promote Millennium '73.[36] At a stop in Washington, D.C. premies (DLM members) gathered in front of the White House and invited President Richard Nixon to attend the festival and receive Knowledge.[3][37] One reporter for the Village Voice who traveled in the tour wrote that they had little press coverage and poor attendance but showed obvious energy, and that the tour itself went remarkably smoothly with expressions of love among the members.[35] At each city, the touring group and local premies paraded in the morning, and a drama troupe performed in the afternoon.[38] The main event was the free evening performance by "Blue Aquarius", a 50 to 60-piece band led by Bhole Ji, Maharaj Ji's 20-year-old brother, referred to as the "Lord of Music" by Davis and others.[39] The band was composed of professional and amateur musicians who donated their efforts, and its leading member was drummer Geoff Bridgeford, formerly of the BeeGees.[3][40] It went on to anchor the Houston festival.

Press releases and a festival poster announced that the event would mark the beginning of "a thousand years of peace for people who want peace",[3][15] the idea being that peace could come to the world as individuals experienced inner peace.[41] A flyer said, "Now the turning point in human civilization is here. ... The Dawn of the New Age."[42] In a letter to premies inviting them attend the festival, which had only been celebrated in India up to that point, Guru Maharaj Ji said, "This year the most Holy and significant event in human history will take place in America".[43] The "Call to Millennium" announcement published in the DLM publication And It Is Divine said that "Guru Maharaj Ji has proved to us that an age of peace is possible, now, ... Peace is needed. And peace shall be obtained. ... [Guru Maharaj Ji] will present to the world a plan for putting peace into effect."[4]

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The Dawn of the New Age
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