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 Sociologist Thomas Pilarzyk

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PostSubject: Sociologist Thomas Pilarzyk   Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:04 am

Official DLM literature predicted the dawn of a new age of peace, the Age of Aquarius, and some followers expected dramatic change or even the Second Coming of Jesus.[44][45] In a letter to premies inviting them to attend the festival, Guru Maharaj Ji said, "This is a festival not for you or me. It is for the whole world and maybe the whole universe."[43] He urged them to support the festival, saying, "Isn't it about time you all get together and help me bring peace to this Earth?"[43] Rennie Davis promised that a practical plan for world peace would be revealed.[46]

Sociologist Thomas Pilarzyk wrote that devotees made "bizarre, 'cultic'" predictions, and suggested that their excitement validated the significance of the event.[47] A member remarked that even normally realistic followers were swayed by the collective fantasies.[48] Sophia Collier, a teenaged member who later left the movement and published a memoir, said that a minority of members, mostly limited to Houston, became victims of a "Millennium Fever" promoted chiefly by Bal Bhagwan Ji.[49] The majority of the premies repeated Bal Bhagwan Ji's ideas out of astonishment, but some actually believed him.[50] Journalists noted that some followers perceived the predicted appearance of Comet Kohoutek as an omen, as a spaceship on its way to Houston, or as the return of the Star of Bethlehem

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Sociologist Thomas Pilarzyk
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