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 millennial sect hell-bent

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PostSubject: millennial sect hell-bent   Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:10 am

The World Peace Corps (WPC), headed by Maharaj Ji's 19-year-old youngest brother, Raja Ji, was the DLM's security force at the event. Raja Ji said its job was "to make sure that whatever is happening, happens correctly".[4] One of the security group's main tasks was keeping followers away from the guru.[3][62] Journalists reported being pushed around and threatened by the mostly English guards.[23][42][52] The guards were seen by one reporter as exemplifying "the inevitable violence of any millennial sect hell-bent on abstract purity and infinite happiness".[32] The World Peace Corps' name was called doublespeak and compared to the Big Lie.[23][63] An observer was quoted as saying, "These people were mad with a sense of divinity-authorized power. It was like descending into the ninth ring of hell."[64]

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millennial sect hell-bent
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