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 Local Baptist churches took

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PostSubject: Local Baptist churches took   Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:24 am

Four hundred parents of DLM members sat in a special section high above the floor of the dome. Many parents appreciated Maharaj Ji for rehabilitating their prodigal children.[51] One mother explained how her son had stopped using drugs and was happier after receiving Knowledge, and that she had been initiated, too.[88] A follower said some of the parents looked a little embarrassed.[32]
[edit] Opposition groups

Local Baptist churches took out a full-page newspaper advertisement warning of false prophets.[3] A group of Christians stationed themselves outside the Astrodome and prayed.[90] Hare Krishna, Jesus Freaks, Children of God and the Jews for Jesus protested loudly and sought converts.[42][73] Members of the Christian Information Committee drove from Berkeley, California.[18] A Christian evangelical anti-cult group,[91] Spiritual Counterfeits Project, had its origin in the event.[92]

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Local Baptist churches took
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